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Roy Of The Ravers
White Line Sunrise II
Emotional Response
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Release Date
April 10, 2020

Press Release

After the success of the 2 Late 4 Love EP, Roy Of The Ravers returns to Emotional Response with a double LP with a deeper perspective, experimenting in ambient and drone textures, lucid techno travails and acid interludes. Recorded between 1997 and 2017, the album was pieced together over the last six months after Roy's archives were first feared lost and then found. Approached by the label to release a follow up with something more introspective and personal, it was discovered that a recent move to a new studio had led to over 20 years of music being misplaced after it was believed they were mistakenly dropped at a local charity store. However, deep in a box of what were thought to be patch cables were in fact the decades worth of hard drives and here presented, is a sample of those lost recordings. The nature of the music is introspection, eschewing the acid beats and white noise for a personal encounter between man and machine. The orchestral opening of the title track gives way to the submarine beats, pulsing TB303 and gliding hats of Robinson College 10 to set the outlook to come. Even with the scattering A Dim And Distant Past waking lulled senses, the melodies and feel all lead to a pause and reflect rather than jump and shout. This is continued with the haunting drives of Bounce Erec and Oriental X0X-Press; the twisted, warped jams of The Weber Traum Boat Pt.3, Ichi and Roland Corp Labs 05; and the beautiful, heartfelt odes in Sade Lost Theme, The Clock House Pt.2 and closer, Nemesis '01. The album's melodic nature hums and shines as CS (6x8) appears as much a centre piece as a alternative consideration to the acid tinged, club bangs of Roy's releases to date. A surprise package maybe, but in the rolling, word of mouth phenomena that was Emotinium II, all this and more was sensed and so White Line Sunrise II, spreading across 12 songs of contrasting moods, is a further affirmation that there is something good and worthy of exploration

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 White Line Sunrise II 3:07 Buy

    White Line Sunrise II

  2. 2 Robinson College 10 5:24 Buy

    Robinson College 10

  3. 3 A Dim & Distant Past 6:00 Buy

    A Dim & Distant Past

  4. 4 Bounc Erec 9:43 Buy
  5. 5 The Weber Traum Boat Pt.3 1:26 Buy

    The Weber Traum Boat Pt.3

  6. 6 Sada Lost Theme 4:50 Buy

    Sada Lost Theme

  7. 7 Oriental X0X-Press (90's Bassmix Edit) 6:52 Buy

    Oriental X0X-Press (90's Bassmix Edit)

  8. 8 Ichi 3:07 Buy
  9. 9 The Clock House Pt.2 6:00 Buy

    The Clock House Pt.2

  10. 10 CS (6x8) 7:14 Buy
  11. 11 Roland Corp Labs 05 (Edit) 1:32 Buy

    Roland Corp Labs 05 (Edit)

  12. 12 Nemesis '01 7:09 Buy

Roy Of The Ravers

Emotional Response

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