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Opal Tapes
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May 15, 2020


Press Release

What were the skies like when you were young? These days, asking that question likely conjures disappointment in its answer. Dreams of possibility hardened by certainty. Hopes and prayers jet-cooled to brittle acquiescence. A lingering feeling that this is not what we asked for, not what we worked towards. Promises of the future replaced by sins of the father. It is in this particular light that the latest work, "Moscels," by Iranian artist and musician Ata Ebtekar, also known as Sote, arrives on Opal Tapes, British label for the sonically curious and aurally disaffected. Contrary to potential expectation, it features no rhythmic exhortations, no colloidal outbursts, and no acoustic instrumentation of any kind. Synthesized entirely from physical models and oscillators, whose union gives the record its name, "Moscels" is a haunting, beautiful, and auspicious listen. None of Ebtekar's work comes necessarily easy to the listener, but "Moscels" is suffused with a sense of wonder almost childlike in quality, and so it beckons kindly. In a certain sense, electronic music is a kind of magic, isn't it? And this is the sound of a magician at work. Dive into the sound of an otherworld, so close yet so far, where dreaming is less sweet than being, and where all that is possible remains still at hand.

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