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II Worlds
The Exaltics
II Worlds
Clone West Coast Series
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May 2019
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II Worlds, the seventh LP that Robert Witschakowski has released under the moniker of The Exaltics, also sees the Solar Music One boss back on Clone West Coast Series - the label that issued The Exaltics’ pair of Some Other Place EPs back in 2014. It also sounds like something that’s been cooked up in a laboratory by an evil scientist who is attempting to clone Drexciya.

The classic Detroit electro sound is all present and correct on II Worlds. 808s snap at your heels, chunky synthetic bass lines barrel ever onwards, and reedy keyboard tones occasionally arrive to augment the tunes. Anyone who has dug recent electro full-lengths like Cygnus’ Deep Analysis should definitely give II Worlds a spin.

Witschakowski’s treatment of his material gives II Worlds a superbly creepy feeling. When those higher-registers synths are deployed they tend to map out monophonic lead lines that send a shiver down your spine. The most immediate cousin of the melodies on ‘439’ or ‘Missing Places’ is the horror movie scoring of John Carpenter. When you take in the aggression of the beats, the alien atmospheres implied by the title II Worlds and the menacing vocoder-vox that occasionally make an appearance (try ‘The Others’), the result is a record that’ll really freak the club out.

With The Exaltics’ II Worlds, Robert Witschakowski has come through with an album of deliciously dark electro.

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  1. 1 The Arrival 1:08 The Exaltics Buy
  2. 2 Fallen Star 4:41 The Exaltics Buy
  3. 3 Tunnel Chase 3:52 The Exaltics Buy
  4. 4 The Others 4:12 The Exaltics Buy
  5. 5 One 5:38 The Exaltics Buy
  6. 6 Symbionts Came Through the Green Lights 4:00 The Exaltics Buy
  7. 7 Skyway Chase 4:20 The Exaltics Buy
  8. 8 Day by Day 1:05 The Exaltics Buy
  9. 9 Missing Places 2:58 The Exaltics Buy
  10. 10 439 3:42 The Exaltics Buy
  11. 11 The Hunt is On 4:02 The Exaltics Buy
  12. 12 Another World Underneath 3:41 The Exaltics Buy
  13. 13 8000 Miles High 4:19 The Exaltics Buy

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