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Cocteau Twins
Milk & Kisses
Fontana Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
March 29, 2019


Fontana Records have recently embarked on a little Cocteau Twins reissue run, and included in the number is the band’s eighth and final LP Milk & Kisses. The 1996 record proves to be a fitting full-stop for the career of this pioneering band. All of the signature Cocteau Twins tricks are present and correct on Milk & Kisses. The Lynchian dream-pop style that the band helped to pioneer is once more the core style of these songs, but there is also a little of the clear-headed alternative rock that made itself felt on preceding LP Four-Calendar Café. This new edition replicates the European rather than Japanese tracklisting of Milk & Kisses.

  1. 1 Violaine 3:50
  2. 2 Serpentskirt 3:58
  3. 3 Tishbite 3:13
  4. 4 Half gifts 4:18
  5. 5 Calfskin Smack 5:02
  6. 6 Rilkean Heart 4:07
  7. 7 Ups 3:35
  8. 8 Eperdu 5:10
  9. 9 Treasure Hiding 4:59
  10. 10 Seekers Who Are Lovers 4:45

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