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Reissue of Cocteau Twins 1993 LP Four-Calendar Café here. This records deviates slightly from the band’s signature sound. While the tracks here still have a dream-like quality to them, they are not as reverb-heavy as cuts from the group’s earlier records. Furthermore, Elizabeth Fraser’s vocals no longer drift above the mix but are placed front and centre, clearer and more audible without sacrificing any of their ethereal quality. It is a sound that is not dissimilar to what Sinéad O'Connor was coming out with at the time. Though it may have surprised fans on release, this change in style paid off for Cocteau Twins - Four-Calendar Café placed in the top 50 of the NME’s ‘Best Albums’ list for 1993.

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  1. 1 Know Who You Are At Every Age Cocteau Twins 0:29
  2. 2 Evangeline Cocteau Twins 0:29
  3. 3 Bluebeard Cocteau Twins 0:29
  4. 4 Theft, & Wandering Around Lost Cocteau Twins 0:29
  5. 5 Oil Of Angels Cocteau Twins 0:29
  6. 6 Squeeze-Wax Cocteau Twins 0:29
  7. 7 My Truth Cocteau Twins 0:29
  8. 8 Essence Cocteau Twins 0:29
  9. 9 Summerhead Cocteau Twins 0:29
  10. 10 Pur Cocteau Twins 0:29

Cocteau Twins

Alternative and Indie

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