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One of our favourite labels in the game right now, Gqom Oh! ends a flagship year by teaming up with the collective Crudo Volta for the Washa mixtape. A killer digi comp and for those quick off the draw, an alternative track listed run the place red mixtape. Fourteen waves from Emo Kid, Formation Boyz, new name to the fold Sbucardo da dj, Newlands Finest and many more from each label's core crew.

Lifting its title from the Zulu word that "the guys use to get gassed during party" Washa is a concept mixtape all about celebrating the Durban December summertime. Mixed and compiled in a way that ensures it features all manor of experimental club kutz expertly pieced together in a breakneck cut 'n' paste mixtape perfect for the whip (and handy individual digital trax comp for those looking to recreate the vybez at home or when bubblin' in the club).

As with each Gqom Oh! drop, the styles on offer seemingly circulate the edges of experimental mayhem that they are pushed to, the astonishing sections of frime, hip-hop, kuduro, trancehall and techno are all smashed together, splintering into a thousand and one new styles of music designed with the direct intention to do nothing else but purely make you move.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Secret Stash 5:07 Citizen Boy Buy
  2. 2 Outside The Club (Broken Mix) 5:46 Formation Boyz Buy
  3. 3 Dead Target (Broken Mix) 5:48 Emo Kid Buy
  4. 4 Woza 5:18 Sbucardo Da Dj Buy
  5. 5 Cruel Banger 6:07 Cruel Boyz Buy
  6. 6 Double Treat 6:09 Forgotten Souls Buy
  7. 7 Massive Jive (Broken Mix) 5:06 Newlands finest Buy
  8. 8 Uginqi Gonqo (Broken Shandis) 6:23 Dominowe Buy
  9. 9 In Progress 5:39 6th Da Dj and Julz Da Deejay Buy
  10. 10 Rehab Soundz 6:18 Griffit Vigo Buy
  11. 11 Tribute to Gqom Oh! 5:12 DJ Mabheko Buy
  12. 12 The Chaser 5:12 Julz Da Deejay Buy
  13. 13 Level 4 (Main junk Mix) 5:14 Formation Boyz Buy

Gqom Oh!

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Kuduro / Cumbia / Gqom / Hybrid

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