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The Garden
Carla dal Forno
The Garden
Blackest Ever Black
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October 2017
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Carla dal Forno opens the door a little wider to reveal another fleeting glimpse of her dreamlike lo-fi musical world. Much more slow and dreamy than her F Ingers album Awkwardly Blissing Out, The Garden features a melodic take on that group's dub-pop practice while containing some of her most spellbinding material since Fast Moving Cars.

We Shouldn't Have To Wait starts things up with a red-eyed and dazed reverie. It's strict drum machine and bassline moving along with a broken-hearted beat, while her vocals wrap themselves around with a newly marvelled Marble Index iciness. Clusters follow's on with an elegantly produced flow, a sort of late night lullaby ringing out with an insomniacs sense of late night comfort.

On the flip Make Up Talk takes a stride towards a more This Heat level of experimental dub, the reverb acting like a great wave crashing down while Carla's strong vocal line leads directly outside. Before the EP ends with more sublime blissful dream-pop in The Garden, taking us further outside into pastures of new before suddenly leaving us alone while the wind blows by, taking the records final delicate tones with it.

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  1. 1 We Shouldn't Have To Wait 4:36 Carla dal Forno Buy
  2. 2 Clusters 4:29 Carla dal Forno Buy
  3. 3 Make Up Talk 4:11 Carla dal Forno Buy
  4. 4 The Garden 3:25 Carla dal Forno Buy

Carla dal Forno

Blackest Ever Black

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