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Dream Castle
Tanning Salon
Dream Castle
Olde English Spelling Bee
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August 2017
6 Tracks
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Six tracks from ‘vaporwave’ maestro Vektroid that channel the same vibe as the new Danny Wolfers (big tip if you haven’t checked that one yet). Cheap keyboard and drum machine faux new age bliss outs that’ll leave you craving further listens. Originally released back in 2011, these tracks feel heavily indebted to Tangerine Dream, Emerald Web etc but manage to come across a little stronger than blatant knock offs. The 19 minute opener ‘Dunnad Hill’ sets the tone, weaving a spell of hypnotic keyboard melodies and drifting electronics that also bring to mind the work of Beverly Glenn Copeland.

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  1. 1 Dunnad Hill 19:05 Tanning Salon
  2. 2 Larsen Harbour 10:37 Tanning Salon
  3. 3 Alcázar of Segovia 4:14 Tanning Salon Buy
  4. 4 Camelot Wanderers 5:38 Tanning Salon Buy
  5. 5 Penrose Steps (Dream Castle) 8:07 Tanning Salon Buy
  6. 6 Pandora's Labyrinth 11:39 Tanning Salon

Olde English Spelling Bee

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Electronic and Electronica

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