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Inherit The Earth
Inherit The Earth
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April 2017
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Slugabed, one of the original pioneers of the what-do-u-call-it beats 'n' pieces sound that we won't refer to as 'wonky', marks his return to the long player format with Inherit The Earth for his new home of Anticon.

What instantly marks out Inherit The Earth from his previous album Time Team (released four years ago on Ninja) is how much his sound has, for want of a better word, matured. Where Time Team and the majority of his discography up until his last record in 2014 would occasionally rest its laurels on a well-formulated left-field hip-hop sound, Inherit The Earth portrays a new side to Slugabed, one that takes the foundations of his style into new moody, heavy atmospheres.

This is most portrayed in track titles such as 'Earth Is Gone Sorry' featuring Lum, Time 2 Let It Go and Levitating Above My Own Useless Body, perfectly capturing the sort of punch-drunk lost in a haze of smoke feeling at the records centre. Inherit The Earth is at times a melancholic trip, it's quite hard to hide from the underlying feeling of an artist escaping the shackles of his past and pushing into new territories. Don't be put off by this though as it truly makes it feel like there is a lot to offer people entering his world for the first time, and for those already familiar with his output prepare to be led into some wonderfully strange, new worlds.

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  1. 1 The Right Person to Talk To 0:17 Slugabed Buy
  2. 2 Stupid Earth 4:24 Slugabed Buy
  3. 3 Infinite Wave 5:38 Slugabed Buy
  4. 4 Levitating Above My Own Useless Body 4:23 Slugabed Buy
  5. 5 Gold (feat. Hairy Hands & Peter Lyon) 3:45 Slugabed Buy
  6. 6 Very Serious Puzzle 4:53 Slugabed Buy
  7. 7 Time 2 Let It Go 4:41 Slugabed Buy
  8. 8 A Thousand Tiny Hands 2:09 Slugabed Buy
  9. 9 Perfect Earth 2:55 Slugabed Buy
  10. 10 Feeding Time 3:48 Slugabed Buy
  11. 11 Virtuous Circle 2:38 Slugabed Buy
  12. 12 Earth Is Gone Sorry (feat. Lum) 4:53 Slugabed Buy


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