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New Feeling Come
Ectoplasm Girls
New Feeling Come
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February 2017

Operating out of deepest Sweden, the Borft affiliated imprint iDeal bless their fans with a limited repress of New Feeling Come, the dread-filled, tension-soaked ten track LP from Nadine and Tanya Byrne. Released back in August 2016, New Feeling Come marked the duo's third full length release and secured a position in the Wire magazine's top 50 of the year list. Sounding somewhere in-between Conrad Schnitzler and Andy Stott, their music seems to navigate the barren wasteland of our sleep-deprived minds. Think coming out of an intense 14 hour shift on a Monday evening after staying out all weekend only to find the front door locked. You’re forced to roam the snow-sodden streets until finding somewhere to charge your phone, only to discover you left the charger at one of the half-forgotten parties you attended. Solid stuff from the iDeal camp and full recommendation for those who like their music deep and heavy!

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  1. 1 A New Feeling Come 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  2. 2 Papa's Nightmare 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  3. 3 Transmission From The 18th Century 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  4. 4 Future Is 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  5. 5 Ha Na O 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  6. 6 Falkoga 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  7. 7 Women At Loss 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  8. 8 Misandry 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  9. 9 T + N -90 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls
  10. 10 Tears 2:00 Ectoplasm Girls

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