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Boards of Canada
Music Has The Right To Children
Warp Records / Skam Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
April 20, 1998


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    Available: April 20, 1998

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Music Has The Right To Children arrived in April 1998 as a joint release from Warp and the burgeoning Skam imprint. From low key beginnings, it’s singular combination of loping rhythms, corroded cassette textures, and ambient sound design have gone on to capture the imaginations of several generations of both listeners and producers, their music acknowledged as influential by artists as diverse as Radiohead, Burial, and Solange. Its naïve, nostalgia-inducing synth lines and crunching hip-hop beats manage to create a musical palette that is at once pastoral and urban, recalling the past while avoiding mere replication of it. Music Has The Right To Children offers as rich and mind-boggling a listen now as when it was released.

It wouldn't be too much of a stretch to say this is an essential part of any record collection and the perfect place to start exploring the enigmatic world of Boards Of Canada.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Wildlife Analysis 1:15 Buy

    Wildlife Analysis

  2. 2 An Eagle In Your Mind 6:25 Buy

    An Eagle In Your Mind

  3. 3 The Color Of The Fire 1:45 Buy

    The Color Of The Fire

  4. 4 Telephasic Workshop 6:35 Buy

    Telephasic Workshop

  5. 5 Triangles & Rhombuses 1:50 Buy

    Triangles & Rhombuses

  6. 6 Sixtyten 5:48 Buy
  7. 7 Turquoise Hexagon Sun 5:07 Buy

    Turquoise Hexagon Sun

  8. 8 Kaini Industries 0:59 Buy

    Kaini Industries

  9. 9 Bocuma 1:35 Buy
  10. 10 Roygbiv 2:31 Buy
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Vinyl Track List

A1 Wildlife Analysis
A2 An Eagle In Your Mind
A3 The Color Of The Fire
A4 Telephasic Workshop
A5 Triangles And Rhombuses
B1 Sixtyten
B2 Turquoise Hexagon Sun
B3 Kaini Industries
B4 Bocuma
B5 Roygbiv
C1 Rue The Whirl
C2 Aquarius
C3 Olson
D1 Pete Standing Alone
D2 Smokes Quantity
D3 Open The Light
D4 One Very Important Thought

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