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No More Dreams
No More Dreams
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November 4, 2016

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No More Dreams kick off with a startling return from the lesser seen 1991, his first new material in four years! Perfectly capturing the blissful space between The Skaters Wind Drapeing Incense, the long haul flight sedation of Huerco S. and the crunchy ambient techno fuzz of Shinichi Atobe.

When 1991 debuted back in 2012 on Astro:Dynamics with a marbled sound of ghostly / spectral reductions of the modern house and techno stylings, it was an instantly refreshing viewpoint into a sound that was needing a shake up. The sounds predated the forthcoming wave of ambient electronica and 'knackered house' that swept record racks and pressing plants in the coming years (for further reading check Joe Muggs' brilliant Fact piece 'Return to the chill-out room' from 2014).

Fast forward to 2016, and to make a house or techno record that sounds like it's had a coin dragged across the grooves to make it sound, for want of a better word 'retro' has become somewhat of the norm. So the rearrival of 1991 is something that is gonna turn a lot of heads and brighten up the post-club (if any are left open at the time of reading this) living rooms of many a start at 7 am party.

Composed of seven tracks that stick to a similar path, the music does not so much demand attention as quietly float in the background. Slowly evolving into beautifully well constructed audio puzzles that seem to endlessly complete themselves over and over in nautical loops. While they don't go too far in any one direction, the simplicity in their craft create the albums most attractive feature.

Much like his name, the music of 1991 harks back to times of old, seeping into our collective conscious to recall memories of the golden age of ambient dance music, simpler times of pre-genre musical explosions when everything melded together, but perhaps the title alone alludes to the downfall in such nostalgia; No More Dreams. Anyway all that aside, it's great to have 1991 back, always different, always the same.

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