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FaltyDL follows up now classic LPs for Planet Mu and Ninja with the liquid electronica of Heaven Is For Quitters, released on his self-run Blueberry imprint and featuring guest spots from Hannah Cohen, Rosie Lowe and Mike Paradinas aka Mu-ziq.

Having sparked instant recognition and deserved hype back in 09' with his debuts on Mu and Ramp, Falty in many ways did to the fledgling UKG & dubstep scenes what Luke Vibert, Squarepusher, AFX and indeed Mike Paradinas did to jungle & drum & bass in the 90's - added a slightly off-kilter spin with a flare for experimental sounds and styles not previously imagined or explored by the masses jamming away on their Akais and Ableton.

Fast-FWD to the present day and Falty's latest long player is moving further away from his early dalliance with bass heavy hitters and moving more in the direction of avant-electronica. Now this isn't to say that Heaven Is for Quitters is some kind of low-key downtempo album, quite the opposite in fact. Tracks like Frigid Air reflect its collab Mu-ziq's early Lunatic Harness sound, but bending the shapes into more techno-shaped situations. Bridge Spot sports some of his early drumfunk shuffle into a deep house banger, whilst River Phoenix adds a touch of Black Dog synths AI-era to a scratching gun click snare reminiscent of his highly valued Swamp81 Mean Streets 12"s.

Whilst it recalls echoes of his Swamp and Ninja output it truly holds its cards close to its chest, and there are some tracks that will work well when pointed at tha floor, but the overall sound is one of moving away from the club, looking ahead and not relying on previous editions to see the album through. From the first bars it is obvious this is undoubtedly FaltyDL, but this is a new side to his production not previously seen. A great example of an artist endlessly innovating his sound and pushing it into new, expansive areas, into the wild.

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  1. 1 Tasha 1:09 FaltyDL Buy
  2. 2 Infinite Sustain featuring Hannah Cohen 3:36 FaltyDL Buy
  3. 3 Frigid Air featuring Mu-Ziq 4:41 FaltyDL Buy
  4. 4 River Phoenix 5:51 FaltyDL Buy
  5. 5 Bridge Spot 4:53 FaltyDL Buy
  6. 6 Drugs featuring Rosie Lowe 4:03 FaltyDL Buy
  7. 7 Shock Therapy 4:01 FaltyDL Buy
  8. 8 Fleshy Compromise 3:44 FaltyDL Buy
  9. 9 Neeloon (First Kiss) 2:02 FaltyDL Buy
  10. 10 Whisper Diving 4:08 FaltyDL Buy
  11. 11 Beasts of Heaven 1:04 FaltyDL Buy
  12. 12 Osaka Phantom 3:22 FaltyDL Buy
  13. 13 D & C 3:35 FaltyDL Buy


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