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Instrumentals 2015
Flying Saucer Attack
Instrumentals 2015
Domino Recording Co
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July 2015
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Pioneering British space rock outfit Flying Saucer Attack end their 15-year hiatus with Instrumentals 2015. Beginning in ’93 with the self-titled debut LP, FSA’s unique brand of DIY shoe-gaze and ambient post-rock earned them a loyal cult following; now with the group stripped back to core member Dave Pearce, the British artist embarks on a galvanizing, emotional odyssey utilising only his guitar. In keeping with the group’s core values, the piece was self-recorded at home directly to CDs and tapes, giving a grainy, lo-fi finish that adds a humanist edge to the staggering breadth of moods, emotions and narratives he’s able to construct. And it's this sense of narrative that can not be over emphasized, with the album’s true, immersive beauty shining brightest when experienced as its immersive whole; with passages ranging from ravaging, shrill feedback, to mellow, contemplative broodings and rites of ruminative drone all building to moments of atonement. Words finally fail us on this one – an inspired aural journey in the truest sense.

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  1. 1 Instrumental 1 0:58 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  2. 2 Instrumental 2 2:57 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  3. 3 Instrumental 3 6:26 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  4. 4 Instrumental 4 4:10 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  5. 5 Instrumental 5 1:38 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  6. 6 Instrumental 6 1:22 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  7. 7 Instrumental 7 6:55 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  8. 8 Instrumental 8 1:14 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  9. 9 Instrumental 9 4:07 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  10. 10 Instrumental 10 2:51 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  11. 11 Instrumental 11 4:14 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  12. 12 Instrumental 12 0:41 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  13. 13 Instrumental 13 1:53 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  14. 14 Instrumental 14 7:48 Flying Saucer Attack Buy
  15. 15 Instrumental 15 9:41 Flying Saucer Attack Buy

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