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The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now
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June 29, 2015

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Bleep exclusive digital-only track: ' Sternum Sanctum'

Loopy unleash the debut LP from FIS, an epic journey into the deepest darkest corners of tense noise rooted sound design electronica. Having first emerged in 2011 with a few well placed 12"s for the Exit and Samurai Horo imprints that showcased FIS as a producer on the edge of the new wave of DNB producers finding focus around the Autonomic crew but also looking towards the wooden smash-&-grab post-punk noise of Cut Hands and Powell. It wasn't until Tri Angle picked him up for two sure shot EP's that his style really shifted towards the more grey-scale psychedelia noise that he has perfectly honed on this LP. While we are huge fans of his earlier work (Club Track on The Commons and the entire Duckdive EP are essential listens) his more noise rooted but subtle and constantly morphing sound is something rather unique and fresh and an avenue we are excited to explore. Opening with the title cut The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now lacerated synths bleed through while a sickening grinding emptiness of sound eats its way through the middle and outside before quickly dissolving. Ak continues the bass heavy snarl recorded for Mumdance's Fabriclive but opens up to a more fuller expanse while Happy Alone recalls the earlier poison dart DNB releases while giving a feeling of the fear and humidity felt by Dutch whilst fleeing through the jungle in Predator, the hidden tense danger spilling out of the speakers while the digital extra track Sternum Sanctum closes on a spiraling concrete mixer of psychedelia so sharp you could cut glass with it. The title is a great association to the feeling found within the sounds captured as experiencing the LP from start to finish is somewhat like wading through quicksand, every step is a slow movement through thick sludge whilst being swallowed whole. A sickeningly claustrophobic record we can't recommend highly enough and a sure shot for anyone into the club-rooted Blackest Ever Black, the jungle indebted 7 am Andy Stott and the skull and crossbones dance of Shackleton.

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