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nikki nack
nikki nack
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May 2014
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Tune-Yards returns with a third album for indie juggernaut 4AD, which sees musician Merrill Garbus enlisting production help from the likes of Malay and John Hill and expanding her sound without losing its individuality. Lead single ‘Water Fountain’ is a joyous combination of infectious household percussion grooves, group vocal blasts and bouncy 8-bit bass lines. The most striking element, however, remains Merrill Garbus’ performance, which can range from naively playful and understated to full-bodied and soulful. ‘Nikki Nack’ promises to be an excellent and unique record which can hold its weight within the pop world without sacrificing the complex and eccentric elements which makes Tune-Yards sound special.

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  1. 1 Find A New Way 3:27 Tune-Yards Buy
  2. 2 Water Fountain 3:03 Tune-Yards Buy
  3. 3 Time of Dark 4:33 Tune-Yards Buy
  4. 4 Real Thing 3:21 Tune-Yards Buy
  5. 5 Look Around 4:25 Tune-Yards Buy
  6. 6 Hey Life 3:37 Tune-Yards Buy
  7. 7 Sink-O 3:16 Tune-Yards Buy
  8. 8 Interlude: Why Do We Dine On The Tots? 1:27 Tune-Yards Buy
  9. 9 Stop That Man 3:32 Tune-Yards Buy
  10. 10 Wait for a Minute 3:53 Tune-Yards Buy
  11. 11 Left Behind 4:31 Tune-Yards Buy
  12. 12 Rocking Chair 2:03 Tune-Yards Buy
  13. 13 Manchild 3:09 Tune-Yards Buy


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