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August 17, 2023


clocolan presents his latest album Incide, an active internal landscape generated by the friction between human and machine, and the increasingly blurred line separating the two. Having explored the deepest crevices of the mind and psyche through conceptual and narrative releases, clocolan turns his sights towards the equally curious other that has defined this decade’s conversations so far.

Similar to clocolan’s previous album Empathy Alpha, a hybrid sci-fi soundtrack / tense audio play, eerie spoken word passages slink throughout the myriad tracks. Yet on Incide, the machine sings: operatic vocals wail and fade into the night on the opening ‘hexis’, introducing a rusty, dystopian atmosphere where obliterated shards of rhythm and the lyrics “I am you and you are me” glitch in unison. Each song is interposed by vignettes of cold ambience and lurching sound design, and vulnerable piano pieces like ‘perfect little tulpas’ that seem to detune as they play, ranging from romantic to funereal.

The intriguing world clocolan has developed is embedded deep within every sound: stuttering machine babbles and industrially sparking beats, AI whalesong recorded in pixelated depths, and illegible whispers sneaking beneath a mixture of robotic beatboxing, bells, and chimes. Sighing vocals manifest machine dreams on ‘i want’, with intricately detailed percussion chopped on a factory line. ‘rascal’ features heaving metallic rhythms and chirping electronics, and fragments of audio material converging while ominous tones disperse.

Through abstracted synths, energetic rhythms, and virtual Ai voices: clocolan makes his visceral cyborgian visions known.

  1. 1 Hexis 4:13
  2. 2 Projectors-Introjectors 3:28
  3. 3 Perfect Little Tulpas 1:17
  4. 4 Recurse 5:29
  5. 5 Thought Forms 2:08
  6. 6 I Want 4:20
  7. 7 ProtoGAN 2:16
  8. 8 Simulacrimosum 2:04
  9. 9 Rascal 3:34
  10. 10 Making A Mind 1:34
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