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Coppe' with Nikakoi
Mango + Sweetrice Records
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April 2012
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Coppe’ is known for being one for collaborations (think of Plaid, Atom TM and DJ Vadim), yet never has the occasion arisen for her to collaborate across a whole album’s worth. ‘Rays’, made alongside Georgian electronic producer, Nikakoi, is a heavily textured collection of electronic pop songs. The pair throw in influences from drum ‘n’ bass, to ambient passages, fully fledged pop and a range of distinct genres - yet the direction still remains stimulating and the flow of components, organic and atmospheric

On top of the CD album the bundle includes:

[USB] - 'Coppe' In A Bloc':

- 'Remixes + Odds'
1. Yogurt (Terminal 11's Mango Lassi Remix)
2. Ambrosia Rmx5hh (by Sutekh)
3. Yogurt (Minotaur Shock Remix)
4. Yogurt (Kettel & Secede's Lo Amal Remix)
5. Forbidden (Jilk's Blind Vocal Mix)
6. Forbidden (Martin Phone's Burning Irongoat Rexim)
7. Forbidden (T-toe's Sequential Inhalation Remix)
8. Meat (Cevin Key Remix)
9. Anja (w/ Takachie)
10. No Meltdown (w/ Tone.

- 'Sutekh presents...':
1. Mango + Sweetrice Time-Machine 1 hour Megamix

- Sweetrice Family Productions: Brand Neo/Unreleased:
1. Million Dollars (w/ Takachie)
2. Bossa Bossa (w/ Hilothoshi)
3. Swan Song (w/ Hilothoshi)
4. Hadaly's Waltz (w/ Hilothoshi)
5. Radiation Nation (w/ Ariel + Ramen Dave / Spoomusic)
6. 9cc (w. Tone.)
7. My Heartbeatz Become Earthquake (w/ Jemapur)
8. Denouements (w/ Johnny Tone Tanner + Hilothoshi)
9. C45H73NO15 (w/ Tone.)

- Videos:
1. Coppe' w/ Nikakoi - Forbidden (remix) - (video by Fastmouse Graphics + Genkiserb)
2. Coppe' w/ Hilothoshi - Hadaly's Waltz - (video by members of Tipsy)
3. Coppe' w/ Nikakoi - Rays - (video by Nikakoi + Genkiserb)
4. Coppe' w/ The Roving Stoves - (video by members of Tipsy)

- PDF Info + Credits booklet

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  1. 1 Forbidden (Remix) 5:54 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  2. 2 Purple Cheese 4 U! 4:08 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  3. 3 Amygdalas 4:19 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  4. 4 Yogurt (Remix) 5:26 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  5. 5 Dream 3:50 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  6. 6 Fluid Emotion 3:56 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  7. 7 Meat 3:49 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  8. 8 Cell 4:07 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  9. 9 We Collide? We Unite? 4:30 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  10. 10 Key 4:08 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  11. 11 Alp 7:26 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  12. 12 Rays 4:22 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy
  13. 13 Hagoromo 5:30 Coppe' with Nikakoi Buy

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