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Optimo Music
Catalogue Number
OM LP 22 D
Release Date
May 27, 2022


Press Release

INIT is Benedikt Frey & Nadia DAlo. We are delighted to present their long delayed vinyl and digital album, NRGY . Born out of various art performances and installations, INIT states a logical outcome of Berlin based duo Nadia DAlo and Benedikt Frey. With heavy use of analogue synthesis and drum-machines, INIT rethinks its genre's sonic approach, unfolding a unique and organic, yet alienating sound, somewhere in the mysterious midst of Acid, Techno, Ambient and Kraut-Rock. This is INIT's third album, following two releases on Hivern Discs, and performances at clubs such as Berghain, Robert Johnson and Pudel Club. INIT say - Module, NRGY, and Time were reverse extracted out of our live set and re-recorded and re-arranged after we realised how well they work in clubs. It is the first time we worked this way as we tend not to play our compositions live, like we produced them. Mostly we just extract loops out of our production to mess around with in a loose live project. Snowglobe, Holes In My CV and N.O.D. were more built up from a studio jam plus a bulletproof-ish arrangement afterwards. Tried and tested on dance floors this is a surefire hit album on the dancefloor, and at home. NRGY!

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