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Nightmares On Wax
Shout Out! To Freedom...
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October 29, 2021
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    Available: October 29, 2021

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You know the story by now: a global pandemic hits, and your whole perspective shifts, particularly if your livelihood hangs in the balance. After a decade of non-stop gigging, Warp’s longest serving veteran George Evelyn, mastermind DJ and producer of the chameleonic Nightmares On Wax project, suddenly found himself at a standstill. Without the promise of packed venues, turntables on raised platforms and the atmosphere of magical evenings, what exactly was Nightmares On Wax?

As it happens, Shout Out! To Freedom… is the finest example of the N.O.W. experience Evelyn has produced to date, created in isolation and yet bolstered by a deep sense of collaboration. Duly informed by their own creative upheavals, the extraordinary talents of the likes of saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, vocalist Haile Supreme and poet Sabrina Mahfouz amplify the jazz feel of Evelyn’s sound. ‘Creator SOS’ is a prime example of perfect synchronicity, a striking amalgam of languid soul and psychedelic pop, played out over a hip-hop beat. Sensual sax licks fray at the turntablist textures of ‘3D Warrior’, while the likes of ‘Breathe In’ harken back to N.O.W.’s essential tenure as part of the early trip-hop movement.

Shout Out! To Freedom… encapsulates the endless potential that can come about from stasis. It's a record that as is celebratory of N.O.W.’s past as it is determined to break from it.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Shout Out! (Intro) (feat. Beautiful People) 1:27 Buy

    Shout Out! (Intro) (feat. Beautiful People)

  2. 2 Imagineering 4:34 Buy
  3. 3 Creator SOS (feat. Haile Supreme & Wolfgang Haffner) 3:46 Buy

    Creator SOS (feat. Haile Supreme & Wolfgang Haffner)

  4. 4 3D Warrior (feat. Shabaka Hutchings & Haile Supreme & Wolfgang Haffner) 6:57 Buy

    3D Warrior (feat. Shabaka Hutchings & Haile Supreme & Wolfgang Haffner)

  5. 5 Miami 80 1:59 Buy
  6. 6 GTP Call 0:34 Buy
  7. 7 Wikid Satellites (feat. Greentea Peng) 4:11 Buy

    Wikid Satellites (feat. Greentea Peng)

  8. 8 Breathe In (feat. OSHUN) 3:57 Buy

    Breathe In (feat. OSHUN)

  9. 9 To Freedom (Interlude) (feat. Beautiful People) 0:41 Buy

    To Freedom (Interlude) (feat. Beautiful People)

  10. 10 Wonder (feat. Haile Supreme & Shabaka Hutchings) 6:32 Buy

    Wonder (feat. Haile Supreme & Shabaka Hutchings)

  11. 11 Own Me (feat. Haile Supreme) 3:37 Buy

    Own Me (feat. Haile Supreme)

  12. 12 Widyabad 1:54 Buy
  13. 13 Isolated (feat. Pip Millett & Sabrina Mahfouz) 4:13 Buy

    Isolated (feat. Pip Millett & Sabrina Mahfouz)

  14. 14 Trillion (feat. Mara TK) 3:20 Buy

    Trillion (feat. Mara TK)

  15. 15 Up To Us (feat. Haile Supreme) 4:52 Buy

    Up To Us (feat. Haile Supreme)

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