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Nightmares On Wax
Shout Out! To Freedom… (Live at Pikes Ibiza)
Warp Records
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October 28, 2022

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No rest for the wicked they say and sure enough George Evelyn is having a run of note this last year with Nightmares On Wax. Following on from his lauded new album Shout Out! To Freedom… out last year as ever for Warp, his home from the beginning since 1989, we bore witness to a glorious return to Glastonbury and a UK tour to boot. As if making up for lost time we all suffered in recent years to top all this off we now have more to celebrate with not only a live album as well, but one recorded at the (in)famous and mythical Pikes Ibiza.

Nightmares on Wax sums up Shout Out! To Freedom… (Live at Pikes Ibiza) and the jubilation and return to humanity that the record embodies so well: “This live album really captures the very moments we came out of lockdown and were all able to be back together and perform again, whilst having the opportunity to express all that was felt in creating it. We played this live with all the musicians from Ibiza, Haile Supreme came over from NYC after not being connected with him for a long time and we were able to perform in the legendary Pikes Ibiza. It was our first gig of the whole pandemic and was such a special feeling. To be part of the history in those walls is very special and dear to me because Ibiza is my home. This live album captures that energy and vibe as well as all the wonderful people that were chosen to join us for the event."

The venue decked in fabrics and foliage, glistening mirrorballs, and smoke machines comes through in Live At Pikes Ibiza, with atmospheres to get lost in that capture the day’s live energy. While Shout Out! To Freedom… was created in a time of upheaval, expressing the desire to break free from isolation, this live album is the practice to Shout Out!’s theory, celebrating togetherness with effortless performances where every instrument is played with flair. Joined by vocalist Haile Supreme, N.O.W. and the band transform these songs into equally breezy and explosive jams to get down and “dance with your smile” to.

Chirping to the Ibizan sunlight, ‘Imagineering’ kicks off with crisp, grandiose bursts of strings, soon joined by Haile Supreme on ‘3D Warrior’ who provides a sense of ancience with his mesmerisingly soulful vocal runs, atop snaking saxophone, rumbling bass, and misty, luscious arrangements. ‘Wonder’ becomes even more blissful, a sweetly flowing and truly magical moment, before ‘Own Me’ erupts with the undeniable energy of its snappy drums, submarine bass, and loops full of life.

For this most auspicious of Balearic occasions the band brought together for Shout Out! To Freedom… (Live at Pikes Ibiza) consisted of: George Evelyn aka DJ E.A.S.E, Haile Supreme, Michael Alcaras, Antonie Blakstad, Marlon Lopez, Omar Alcaide, Alessandro Doretto and Kwake Bass. Live At Pikes Ibiza is an ode to the collaborative spirit that powered Shout Out! To Freedom…, seeing Nightmares On Wax revel in the joy of live music.

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Nightmares On Wax

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Nightmares On Wax

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