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Nightmares On Wax
Re-Imagineering Meditation Mix
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January 16, 2023


Quote From Nightmares On Wax:

Re-Imagineering The Meditation mix came about with me doing an exclusive mix for Calm, the meditation app, where I was requested to do an hour length version of Imagineering which is the intro song to my latest album, Shout Out! To Freedom. The challenge was to make this piece of music into a one-hour journey, and since that, going into that project really inspired me to try and approach this in a way that was cinematic. I always love to have a journey element to what I do in my music anyway, but this was more about creating a space within a song that still had the moments that made the song, and through doing that experiment and doing that piece of music, it then inspired me to actually take a deeper look at this song and how I could extend, put it into chapters of different moods and different spaces.

Along with doing that, I went into these different spaces myself, going back and forth, taking different sections, it could be a 10-minute section or a half an hour section, and creating a journey within those sections but also trying to encompass a journey that would work fully on its own a continuous mix as well. So this imagineering meditation mix is an extension of what I did before but dives deeper and creates a movie. But what is that movie? That movie is what happens to us internally when we take that time and space to contemplate and think about things. It could be anything. I think with imagination being such an unlimited power, you can journey anywhere, which I did in making this piece of music.

Speaking with my crew and bouncing ideas, we decided to come up with this and bring it out now. It’s not an album, it is a mix, it is a journey, something you can take and listen to in sections, chapters and individual parts, but also listen to it as a continuous mix which I have done myself. I’ve done that while I’ve been travelling, while I’ve been on holiday, while I was making this mix. It takes you to different places and it’s taken me time to put this piece together because there’s been times and little moments in it where I've felt, “oh that’s not quite right”. I felt myself going into hypnotic spaces, drifting off and then a certain element would come and it’d knock me off where I was or where I wanted to stay. So I thought, “how can I prolong those moments where I feel like I’m just comfortably drifting away or wherever my imagination wants to go”.

So I'm releasing this piece of music for you to be able to do that, for you to go inside, for you to let go of what's going on. Maybe there’s a lot of static going on in your world, maybe you just wanna drift off, maybe you just wanna go to sleep, maybe you just wanna cook some food, maybe you wanna meditate. This piece of music and this journey of reimagination is free for you to do as you please really, in any sense that is comforting.

This is my gift to you basically. I really enjoyed making it, I hope you enjoy listening to it. I hope you enjoy journeying with it, I hope you find some inspiration in it. I have done and not just because I made the piece of music but upon listening to it myself. It’s quite profound what actually comes when you give yourself the space just to relax and go within and let the music guide you. There are no words, no lyrics, there’s no voice on there, So it’s just your inner voice travelling with the music. This is a soundtrack to your inner voice, there you have it!

Enjoy x

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Chapter 1 - Meditation Mix 4:56 Buy

    Chapter 1 - Meditation Mix

  2. 2 Chapter 2 - Meditation Mix 4:58 Buy

    Chapter 2 - Meditation Mix

  3. 3 Chapter 3 - Meditation Mix 5:34 Buy

    Chapter 3 - Meditation Mix

  4. 4 Chapter 4 - Meditation Mix 4:48 Buy

    Chapter 4 - Meditation Mix

  5. 5 Chapter 5 - Meditation Mix 11:31 Buy

    Chapter 5 - Meditation Mix

  6. 6 Chapter 6 - Meditation Mix 7:16 Buy

    Chapter 6 - Meditation Mix

  7. 7 Chapter 7 - Meditation Mix 4:45 Buy

    Chapter 7 - Meditation Mix

  8. 8 Chapter 8 - Meditation Mix 12:07 Buy

    Chapter 8 - Meditation Mix

  9. 9 Re-Imagineering Meditation Mix (Continuous Mix) 56:00 Buy

    Re-Imagineering Meditation Mix (Continuous Mix)

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