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A Sufi And A Killer
A Sufi And A Killer
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March 2010
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Staggering Warp records debut from Gonjasufi, sounding like an unearthed wax-cylinder buried deep in the Southern California sand, soaked in the sounds of fifty years in pop-music history. Featuring production from the heart of the Brainfeeder, Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus, A Sufi and a Killer is a molten-cosmic-brew of scorched psychedelia, glowing lo-fidelity funk, 21C beat science, fizzed-up psych-metal rock distortion, freaky-folk, Arabesque, woozy 70s soul and..... well everything and nothing you could ever imagine spinning out of the stereo. At the twisted heart of these 19 tracks is Gonjasufi himself; deep-mystic, frazzled orator, cult- star in the making. A magical brain-mash of a record.

  1. 1 Rebirth 0:56 Gonjasufi Buy
  2. 2 Kobwebz 2:13 Gonjasufi Buy
  3. 3 Ancestors 2:37 Gonjasufi Buy
  4. 4 Sheep 4:04 Gonjasufi Buy
  5. 5 She Gone. 2:46 Gonjasufi Buy
  6. 6 SuzieQ 1:45 Gonjasufi Buy
  7. 7 Stardustin 1:05 Gonjasufi Buy
  8. 8 Kowboyz&Indians 2:44 Gonjasufi Buy
  9. 9 Change 2:05 Gonjasufi Buy
  10. 10 Duet 3:06 Gonjasufi Buy
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