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No Corner
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April 2019
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We haven’t heard anything quite like this since Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 80s jagged dance pieces, tied with the resourceful sci-fi wizardry of electronic pioneers Delia Derbyshire. And yet, the ghostly enigma of E B U stands in a world all her own, threatening to overtake ours via listening ears. Hinge is her debut album, but it sounds like the work of a seasoned pro, like an artist spirited away from pop by experimental impulses, a cybernetic Scott Walker, dancing circles around melody, ready to parry its hits. You imagine an amalgamated figure composed of electronic music, synthpop, modern classical, ambient — almost any genre you might associate with fearless auteurship. Make no mistake, E B U is all that and more. E B U’s hotly-anticipated debut LP arrives courtesy of No Corner. With Hinge the Bristolian artist claims to have made a record of ‘swamp pop’, and that just might be the most accurate description for this highly unusual set of avant-songs. Many of the sounds here are shared with Glasser’s 2010 LP Ring (marimbas, processed vocals, clomping synths) but in E B U’s hands they are melded into a bold amalgam of avant-garde electronics, droning ambient and ultra-leftfield r ‘n’ b. File next to the recent records released by the Slip imprint - particularly Joe Snape’s Joyrobix - as well as Björk and Radiohead’s mid-period experiments.

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  1. 1 Sloth 0:57 E B U Buy
  2. 2 Falling 3:29 E B U Buy
  3. 3 Creatures 5:24 E B U Buy
  4. 4 Arcade 0:31 E B U Buy
  5. 5 Light Show 5:35 E B U Buy
  6. 6 By & By 3:59 E B U Buy
  7. 7 Plague 1:31 E B U Buy
  8. 8 Homeland 4:53 E B U Buy
  9. 9 Monolith 4:23 E B U Buy
  10. 10 Holy Guardian 7:26 E B U Buy


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