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A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999
Tor Lundvall
A Strangeness In Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989-1999
Dais Records
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April 2019
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Most of us would be embarrassed to share our early creative endeavours, the products of an as-yet unformed mind, troubled by things that might seem laughable to our present selves. Composer and painter Tor Lundvall knows the feeling, but A Strangeness in Motion: Early Pop Recordings 1989 - 1999 isn’t your average bit of juvenilia. The experimental synth musician was apparently always just that, ruminating on love and loss over tunes that could’ve easily been written by The Human League or OMD — flattering in our book.

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  1. 1 Original One 5:10 Tor Lundvall Buy
  2. 2 Procession Day 4:21 Tor Lundvall Buy
  3. 3 The Clearing 4:09 Tor Lundvall Buy
  4. 4 The Melting Hour 3:57 Tor Lundvall Buy
  5. 5 Flight 3:24 Tor Lundvall Buy
  6. 6 Watched 3:18 Tor Lundvall Buy
  7. 7 Hidden 3:34 Tor Lundvall Buy
  8. 8 The Night Watch 4:46 Tor Lundvall Buy
  9. 9 Lessons That Kill 4:50 Tor Lundvall Buy
  10. 10 August Rain 3:52 Tor Lundvall Buy

Tor Lundvall

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