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  • 'Death in Midsummer'
  • 'Element'

Full release delivered on release date: 18.01.19

As thrilling and unpredictable as anything in Deerhunter’s near 15-year career, ‘Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?’ was recorded in several strategic geographic points across North America and produced by the band, Cate LeBon, Ben H. Allen III and Ben Etter.

Forgetting the questions and making up unrelated answers, Deerhunter’s eighth album is a science fiction album about the present. Exhausted with the toxic concept of nostalgia, they reinvent their approach to microphones, the drum kit, the harpsichord, the electromechanical and synthetic sounds of keyboards. Whatever guitars left are pure chrome, plugged straight into the mixing desk with no amplifier or vintage warmth.

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  1. 1 Death in Midsummer 4:22 Deerhunter Buy
  2. 2 No One's Sleeping 4:25 Deerhunter
  3. 3 Greenpoint Gothic 2:02 Deerhunter
  4. 4 Element 2:59 Deerhunter Buy
  5. 5 What Happens to People? 4:16 Deerhunter
  6. 6 Détournement 3:25 Deerhunter
  7. 7 Futurism 2:51 Deerhunter
  8. 8 Tarnung 3:07 Deerhunter
  9. 9 Plains 2:13 Deerhunter
  10. 10 Nocturne 6:24 Deerhunter



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