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March 2018
  • Cassette

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    • Bleep exclusive
    • Mastered to a green CS shell
    • Mastered by Franz Schütte
    • Limited to 100 copies only

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Diskotopia, the Tokyo based label known for cutting through the noise with some killer early grime sides from Rabit, Slackk and that legendary Seekersinternational ragga-jungle mix, debut here the first album from Berlin-based group Aemong. Mixing elements of Suicide and Bruce Gilbert style no wave/DIY with a seriously dubwise sound that places it on a similar tip to Kiki Hitomi & DJ Die's Caoutchou tones tape. It really is one of the very best drops from this highly collectable (when not only digital) label/collective yet.

Give it a few weeks and we are certain this release, when it's done the rounds is gonna be stylised as one of the most inventive radioactive techno/coated pop releases of this year. Across eleven tracks, Aemong has created a widescreen environment where they can freely explore the cross-genre axis where grime, post-punk and industrial all mix together. A sphere of influence that on paper may not make much sense, but on tape it creates a truly staggering sound world.

Tracks like Slug shoots some seriously oil slicked basslines over a militant drum machine beat, yet the sugary vocal delivery adds an element of dream-pop to it that wouldn't sound out of place on the brilliant Cybe comp for Stroom. This mix between the harsh grinding rhythms and more ethereal, ghostly textured pop continues on tracks like Chinese Tales and Mother Earth’s Twin, while elsewhere the atmospheres bleed across each sound the group seemingly turn their interest towards with a sense of space that can only have come from a collective well schooled in grime minimalism.

This is an album just crying out to be cut to vinyl at some point and truly one of the most exciting and above all else enjoyable debuts from a project we imagine there is gonna be much buzz around very soon.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Slug Aemong 5:13 Buy
  2. 2 Chinese Tales Aemong 5:50 Buy
  3. 3 Mother Earth's Twin Aemong 4:24 Buy
  4. 4 Dead Ghost Aemong 4:48 Buy
  5. 5 Mohawk Aemong 1:55 Buy
  6. 6 Old Lady Sings Aemong 5:39 Buy
  7. 7 After the Fire Aemong 5:11 Buy
  8. 8 Atheist Aemong 4:51 Buy
  9. 9 Bad End Aemong 4:01 Buy
  10. 10 Cymbal Aemong 1:53 Buy
  11. 11 Oh! Rain Aemong 3:46 Buy


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