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Aleksi Perala
TRIP Records
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December 2017
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Aleksi Perälä's latest extension expands on the Colundi and Simulation albums for Clone with an excavated session of clipped breakbeats and crystal electro for Nina Kraviz's excellent TRIP label.

Hot on the heels of multiple transmissions for the finest purveyors of this sort of sound (Clone) Aleksi Perälä joins the ranks of Bjarki, PTU & AFX for a lengthy session of ambient acid that is decidedly haunted by the reflexion of the mid to late 90's scene from which he emerged. While his last few albums focused in on something resembling early Sahko and more recent Royal Oak style'd basement techno. Paradox is more like the sort of techno that you would expect to hear in the DJ sets of Function or Ana Kristensen.

Existing somewhere just out of time with any other artist operating within the commercial end of this field of music, Aleksi's Paradox tier dials into a very specific form of minimal, acid tekno. Consistently pushing forward a sound that many may have dropped off or lost interest in a while back. Aleksi is continuously exploring new elements and particles of this very singular strain of braindance. Paradox is a true testament to his tireless exploration and the endless mining of this one artist genre.

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  1. 1 GBLFT1740065 (Original Mix) 5:08 Aleksi Perala Buy
  2. 2 GBLFT1740066 (Original Mix) 3:42 Aleksi Perala Buy
  3. 3 GBLFT1740067 (Original Mix) 4:18 Aleksi Perala Buy
  4. 4 GBLFT1740068 (Original Mix) 4:33 Aleksi Perala Buy
  5. 5 GBLFT1740069 (Original Mix) 5:09 Aleksi Perala Buy
  6. 6 GBLFT1740070 (Original Mix) 5:05 Aleksi Perala Buy
  7. 7 GBLFT1740071 (Original Mix) 5:15 Aleksi Perala Buy
  8. 8 GBLFT1740072 (Original Mix) 5:16 Aleksi Perala Buy
  9. 9 GBLFT1740073 (Original Mix) 5:34 Aleksi Perala Buy
  10. 10 GBLFT1740074 (Original Mix) 6:56 Aleksi Perala Buy

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