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Pop Ambient 2018
Various Artists
Pop Ambient 2018
Catalogue Number
Kompakt CD 142 D
Release Date
November 2017
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Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, which has now been going for sixteen years and counting, returns for another crop of techno lushness. As usual, an all-star cast - The Orb, T.Raumschmiere etc - come together to mute their drum machines and create something more widescreen. Much of the music here leans towards the wide-sonic-vistas end of ambient techno, with track after track conjuring up images of vast landscapes. Amid these beautiful impressionistic efforts we also find moments of intimacy - The Orb’s ‘Sky’s Falling’, for instance, is a delightfully slow-burning bit of dubby electronica. Mikkel Metal’s ‘Shame’, in the same vein as The Orb’s effort but with an additional peyote-trip haze, is another of the album’s standouts.

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  1. 1 Pigment (Fresco & Pfeiffer Remix) 4:40 Christian Loffler Buy
  2. 2 Prism 3:26 Yui Onodera Buy
  3. 3 Brahmi 7:12 Chuck Johnson Buy
  4. 4 L'Atalante 5:44 Triola Buy
  5. 5 Disinclined To Vacate 6:33 Kenneth James Gibson Buy
  6. 6 Travelled Between Souls 5:41 KAITO Buy
  7. 7 Shame 5:07 Mikkel Metal Buy
  8. 8 Athos 6:40 Jens-Uwe Beyer Buy
  9. 9 Sky's Falling 7:53 The Orb Buy
  10. 10 Eterna 5:43 T.Raumschmiere Buy
  11. 11 Panorama 6:50 Wurden; Pfeiffer Buy
  12. 12 Nine Chains To The Moon 5:40 Yui Onodera Buy


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