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Having previously scored films like Lawless and West Of Memphis, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis now see their music for 2017 Western-Thriller Wind River put to wax by Invada. While their soundtrack music has always had a spectral quality to it, never before have the pair made music as tender and fragile as what they offer up here. Channelling the snow-covered vistas of the film’s Wyoming setting, Cave and Ellis offer up a ‘ghost-score’ that shivers with the same brittle sadness as Cave’s Skeleton Tree LP. Glistening strings, gallows-choir vocals and otherworldly synth gestures combine to make this one of the pair’s most vital works.

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Nick Cave and Warren Ellis come together once more to score brand new thriller ‘Wind River’, directed by ‘Sicario’ writer Taylor Sheridan and starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner.

“The soundtrack to the beautiful ‘Wind River’ was first and foremost the incessant wind or the grieving silence of the snow,” Cave and Ellis said in a press release. “Amid those elemental forces, we made a kind of ghost score where voices whisper and choirs rise up and die away and electronics throb and pulse.”

This score is instantly reminiscent of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ ‘Skeleton Tree’, along with the pair’s recent acclaimed scores to ‘Hell Or High Water’ and ‘Lawless’.

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  1. 1 Snow Wolf 2:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  2. 2 Zed 2:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  3. 3 Tell Me What That Is 1:25 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  4. 4 First Journey 1:28 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  5. 5 First Body 2:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  6. 6 Second Journey 1:28 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  7. 7 Breakdown 2:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  8. 8 Hunter 1:46 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  9. 9 Meth House 2:00 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  10. 10 Third Journey 1:05 Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
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