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Roy Of The Ravers
En Trance 10
Acid Waxa
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August 25, 2017

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Roy Of The Ravers follows up the Aphex recent live favourite Emotinium with four tracks of future acid for Acid Waxa.

Opening with the high-tech funk of Supremacy Acid, Roy Of the Ravers gives an old sound a new, hi-NRG that verges on an almost spooky in texture tone. It's Casio blips find the Analord style squelches neatly folded into a nicely rounded 45 rpm flow. Swiftly followed by Ambergris 9, Roy knocks out some seriously Mutant City Acid style gurgles, before Time 2 Jack fires out a laser beam of smiley faced threes and zeros into the sky towards a sound somewhat like a punk Universal Indicator going fully in on the DIY. For those looking for some more of that Emotinium magic, En Trance 10 delivers a fifteen minute full bolt jolt of euphoric techno, perfectly split between spun out hypnosis and peak time flash acid Rephlexion. Serious stuff!

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Supremacy Acid 4:59 Buy

    Supremacy Acid

  2. 2 Amergris 9 6:21 Buy
  3. 3 Time 2 Jack 3:12 Buy
  4. 4 En Trance 10 15:53

Roy Of The Ravers

Acid Waxa

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Electro and Acid

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