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Forest People Pop
Derek Piotr
Forest People Pop
Bit-Phalanx Music
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June 2017
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Bit-Phalanx Music (PRAQ!, Earth Is Flat) present the latest record from alt-pop savant Derek Piotr. The artist’s seventh studio album deftly walks the tightrope between the pop and the avant-garde in a manner that recalls the best of Bjork and Dirty Projectors. Using his own voice as the primary ore, Piotr uses a variety of processing techniques to wring out a huge range of sounds and textures. These are subsequently wedded to nimble beat-patterning, the end result being some highly original songs. Don’t fear, the album remains accessible despite its desire to innovate - one will find shades of T-Pain on ‘Tonic/You Move’, grime on ‘Light’ and juke on ‘Hear You’.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Tonic/You Move 7:32 Derek Piotr Buy
  2. 2 Light 2:49 Derek Piotr Buy
  3. 3 Hear You 4:33 Derek Piotr Buy
  4. 4 Ice Floe 2.oe 2:19 Derek Piotr, Banx Buy
  5. 5 Clear 3:22 Derek Piotr Buy
  6. 6 Crush On You 3:33 Derek Piotr Buy
  7. 7 Sky 4:23 Derek Piotr Buy
  8. 8 You Move/Timelapse 4:04 Derek Piotr Buy
  9. 9 Aquamarine Endpoint 1:49 Derek Piotr Buy
  10. 10 Sunup 1:45 Derek Piotr Buy

Derek Piotr

Bit-Phalanx Music

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