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Harriet Brown
Innovative Leisure
Catalogue Number
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April 2017
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Harriet Brown has looked to carve out a niche as a sort of Pharrell-of-the-underground with his latest release. From one look at the the cosmic cover-art, you can take a good guess at what lies within - honey-drenched vocals, plenty of 80s synth-funk grooves, and a generous dollop of psychedelic electronic stylings. The ‘Intro’ sets things up nicely (imagine Lone if he’d signed to Soulection rather than R&S), and what follows are ten tracks that balance quixotic pop production and songwriting with the futuristic r&b weight of Jeremih, Miguel et al. And one earful of the falsetto on ‘Cybernetiplegia’ will have you swooning.

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  1. 1 Intro 2:33 Harriet Brown Buy
  2. 2 ESP 3:15 Harriet Brown Buy
  3. 3 Paralyzed 4:46 Harriet Brown Buy
  4. 4 Cybernetiplegia 5:33 Harriet Brown Buy
  5. 5 Contact 2:39 Harriet Brown Buy
  6. 6 Mother 4:53 Harriet Brown Buy
  7. 7 Obsession 4:16 Harriet Brown Buy
  8. 8 Cryptid 4:39 Harriet Brown Buy
  9. 9 Atlantis 5:51 Harriet Brown Buy
  10. 10 Outro (Athanasi) 2:52 Harriet Brown Buy
  11. 11 In My Head 6:42 Harriet Brown Buy

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