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The Gospel Of The God Spell
Ras G
The Gospel Of The God Spell
Street Corner Music
Catalogue Number
Release Date
September 2016

Finest freestyling beats from Ras G. Composed during his working day at the WrekaStow and straight after a 'Bluntch' break, Ras rolled through the gospel section pickin' up wax before loading it into his SpaceProgram 303. The outcome is an experience that could have only come from the mind of oooohhh Raaassss! Low-fi mixtape funk from the don, perfect accompaniment to the record collections of anyone whose copy of Cosmogramma is already well-thumbed.

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  1. 1 Ausar Auset & Heru (The Trinity) 0:56 Ras G
  2. 2 Amen....Ra? 1:02 Ras G
  3. 3 Stolen Legacy 0:39 Ras G
  4. 4 Ephesians 6:5 1:08 Ras G
  5. 5 The God Spell (Cognitive Dissonance) 1:14 Ras G
  6. 6 Auset Vs Mary Or Lilith 2:00 Ras G
  7. 7 Council Of Nicea 825 AD 1:08 Ras G
  8. 8 Plagiarism Of Kemet 1:20 Ras G
  9. 9 42 Laws Of Maat Vs 10 Commandments 2:00 Ras G
  10. 10 Atom, Aten & Adam? 1:13 Ras G
  11. 11 Psalm 82:6 1:13 Ras G
  12. 12 Heart & Feather (Maat) 1:03 Ras G

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