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The MF Gaslamp Killer marks his latest all killer long player of scrambled library trax and toasted hip-hop beats in that distinct L.A. highway style. Coming pressed on LTD twin 10"s and housed in a sick gatefold, Instrumentalepathy is the biggest statement yet from this rarely outspoken maverick.

All killer no filler, but you already guessed that right? Yep, the Gaslamp Killer is back with a new album filled with a wealth of reputable features, psychedelic riffs, humungous beats and, as per the title, some ingenious instrumentation. ‘Good Morning’ featuring Gonjasufi is brashly melancholic with drums that like to go hard! ‘Residual Tingles’ is equipped with a harrowing organ where hung chords are the precedent. ‘Haleva’ explores his penchant for middle eastern music, with an Oud taking the spotlight, while ‘Listen for My Whistle’ irks out a troubled sadness, yet to be dealt with.

Listening to Instrumentalepathy it's easy to pinpoint why GLK is such a well-respected producer, having worked with every name in the crate digging beat scene from Flylo to the Finders Keepers crew. Dive in deep, hell and the lake of fire are waiting for you!

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  1. 1 Pathetic Dreams (with Kid Moxie and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) 5:39 Gaslamp Killer
  2. 2 Good Morning (with Gonjasufi) 3:49 Gaslamp Killer
  3. 3 Warm Wind (Frimpong) [with Amir Yaghmai] 3:35 Gaslamp Killer
  4. 4 Residual Tingles 4:05 Gaslamp Killer
  5. 5 The Butcher (with Mophono) 3:11 Gaslamp Killer
  6. 6 Friendship (Interlude) 2:17 Gaslamp Killer
  7. 7 Gammalaser Kill (with MRR and Malcolm Catto) 2:17 Gaslamp Killer
  8. 8 Life Guard Tower #22 (with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) 3:42 Gaslamp Killer
  9. 9 Haleva (with Amir Yaghmai) 3:02 Gaslamp Killer
  10. 10 Listen For My Whistle 3:29 Gaslamp Killer
  11. 11 Shred You To Bits 3:14 Gaslamp Killer
  12. 12 In The Dark (Part Two) [with The Heliocentrics] [Bonus] 11:40 Gaslamp Killer

Gaslamp Killer


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