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Slash Time - The Album, feat. DJ Fred
Slash Time - The Album, feat. DJ Fred
Duck N' Cover Records
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December 2015
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Chicago footwork OG Traxman follows his Da Mind Of Traxman albums for Planet Mu with a new full-length for Swiss label Duck N' Cover Records. Slash Time is an expanded version of a shorter EP of the same name released via the label in 2014, and once again demonstrates why Traxman is one of the finest footwork producers in the game. Traxman’s talent for discovering rare samples and flipping them in unconventional ways are audible as ever, with tracks ranging from the sultry and gorgeous (‘Da Best Thing I Can Affar’) to rough and hard-hitting (‘Electro Tekk’).

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  1. 1 No One Winz 3:51 Traxman Buy
  2. 2 Boogie Woogie 3:52 Traxman Buy
  3. 3 Who's Next on tha Flow 3:01 Traxman Buy
  4. 4 She Take It in tha Face 4:12 Traxman Buy
  5. 5 Taken a Trip You 4:24 Traxman Buy
  6. 6 Survive 3:42 Traxman Buy
  7. 7 Lava 3:00 Traxman Buy
  8. 8 Slash Time 3:39 Traxman Buy
  9. 9 Unstoppable 3:00 Traxman Buy
  10. 10 Electro Tekk 4:13 Traxman Buy
  11. 11 I Like Two 3:18 Traxman Buy
  12. 12 Da Best Thing I Can Affar 3:01 Traxman Buy
  13. 13 No Return 3:37 Traxman Buy
  14. 14 We on Mars 3:31 Traxman Buy


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