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Black Channels
Two Knocks For Yes
Castles in Space
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October 7, 2015


Eerie slab of Radiophonic hauntings from the mysterious Black Channels (previous release on Death Waltz Originals) coming at you through the ferric seepage of a handsomely crafted cassette presentation. The group explore the poltergeist phenomenon with this 30 minute collage, featuring recordings from British cases including the famous 'Enfield Haunting'. Electronic oscillations courtesy of the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box; manipulated frequencies courtesy of the Critter & Guitari Kaleidoloop and vocal testimony from history’s suburbanites, spooked by bumps in the night. Primed for Ghost Box, Mordant Music, Broadcast, Folklore Tapes heads. Beware, The Ghosts in The Living Room.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Two Knocks For Yes 26:21
  2. 2 In The Mouth Of The Night 3:18 Buy

    In The Mouth Of The Night

  3. 3 1st sighting 1:26 Buy
  4. 4 Ghosts 0:24 Buy
  5. 5 Space Dome Ritual 7:07 Buy

    Space Dome Ritual

  6. 6 Cast Out 1:58 Buy
  7. 7 She Let Go 8:48 Buy

Black Channels

Castles in Space

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