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Romantic Psychology 1
Romantic Psychology 1
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October 2015
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The producer known only as Levantis slowly unfolds its debut album following the Believe 12" on Trilogy Tapes, there is much speculation surrounding Romantic Psychology 1 with hushed discussions on internet message boards and street corners saying its a well known producer acting undercover but we won't speculate on that, we will leave you to werk it out. Anyway back to the music, where the Believe EP was surrounded in a mysterious late night haze of smoke, Romantic Psychology 1 is the next morning's world sliding into view as you drearily wake up. Exploding Boxes sets the tone for the journey ahead; namely an early morning mournful drab stumble through an unidentifiable greyscale concrete jungle. The track meanders along for four minutes before coming to a halt. Red Blocks is a solid dose of sleep paralysis space exploration while Yogurt breaks the mood with a slow, thumping half-remembered house number. The rest of the first half follows suit with short techno passages breaking the fog choking the tracks between. The LP's second half starts with the synapse snapping Altered Anthem before Levantis lets icicle-like piano keys drop throughout on Colour. The last three tracks languish in a dub flow akin to Leyland Kirby's Death Of Rave had it been mournful for mid 2000's London grime and dubstep not the North's late 80's early 90's rave scene. An LP that does what all the best ambient music does, for its duration it languishes in the background, hands in its pockets and hood up, never truly giving away its secrets but staying captivating through to the final notes.

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  1. 1 Exploding Boxes 3:58 Levantis Buy
  2. 2 Red Blocks 5:15 Levantis Buy
  3. 3 Yogurt 1:39 Levantis Buy
  4. 4 Pieris Rapae 1:19 Levantis Buy
  5. 5 Undr 2:02 Levantis Buy
  6. 6 Stained Glass 1:20 Levantis Buy
  7. 7 Altered Anthem 0:51 Levantis Buy
  8. 8 Colour 3:01 Levantis Buy
  9. 9 Whispering Sky 1:11 Levantis Buy
  10. 10 Jamaican Greek Style 9:48 Levantis Buy
  11. 11 Slow Electronic Beat with Colour 2:05 Levantis Buy



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