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Space Trix, Vol. 1
Various Artists
Space Trix, Vol. 1
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July 2015
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Stunning compilation of tracks all mixed in 3D binaural to create vast soundscapes of atmosphere electronics and lost-in-space soundtrack ambience perfectly designed to be listened to on headphones. Hypnotic pieces from Mike Slott, Claude Speeed, Matthew Dear & many more have been edited and remixed by CJ Mirra in 3D (giving a feeling of being inside the music) onto a highly collectible USB stick and housed inside a bespoke hand crafted boxset with a 3D-printed Cosmonaut by Swedish digital artist Andreas Olsson. The Colour8 have crafted a truly exceptional release with Space Trix, Vol. 1, not only do the sounds captured within represent some of the finest work from the all star line up of producers involved but having it remixed and edited in 3D gives a completely new dimension to the music and when listened to on headphones has a surreal effect of full immersion like someone has dropped a bottle on analogue bubblebath inside a flotation tank. As an added bonus it even comes with a one-of-a-kind 3D-printed astronaut to boot. Opening with new material from LuckyMe's Mike Slott, 'Keep Me Here' is a super slow moving espionage journey through the nightside of Deckard's apartment while CJ Mirra starts off with what sounds like a Lee Gamble recollection of a half-remembered Detroit techno classic but with the drums long forgotten. Neon Jung keeps things on a classic AI tip while Claude Speeed paints his new age beats with a soaring cinematic brush across the audio sky built up on Air Loom. Elsewhere Matthew Dear lets drift a rolling tech-house cruiser as heard from a few thousand feet below and later highlight 'Moon Ego (Interlude)' by International Peoples Gang could be an off cut from that Public Info library comp Tomorrow's Achievements. One of the most interesting releases we have experienced in a long time, be it the 3D -printed Cosmonaut or the 3D soundtrack that encapsulates you whole with which it is in orbit, a real glimpse of future noir and sounds that blend the peaceful lucid dreams of AFX with the recently updated synth exposure of Suzanne Ciani to create a modern compilation of perfectly primed headphone escapism electronica that falls neatly into the lineage of futuristic sci-fi from classic B12 & Global Communication to early Eno airport ambience.

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  1. 1 Keep Me Here 3D 1:00 Mike Slott Buy
  2. 2 Fusa 3D 1:00 CJ Mirra Buy
  3. 3 Looking Sideways Through Time 3D 1:00 Neon Jung Buy
  4. 4 Air Loom 3D 1:00 Claude Speeed Buy
  5. 5 Upsides 3D 1:00 Kirk Spencer Buy
  6. 6 Around a Fountain 3D 1:00 Matthew Dear Buy
  7. 7 Train Tracks 3D 1:00 Dog Unit Buy
  8. 8 The Worship Bell 3D 1:00 Heathered Pearls Buy
  9. 9 Things in Themselves 3D 1:00 John Connell Buy
  10. 10 The Flame Alphabet 3D 1:00 Matthew Collings Buy
  11. 11 Moon Ego (Interlude) 3D 1:00 International Peoples Gang Buy
  12. 12 Webster's Raft (Excerpt) 3D 1:00 Dallas Simpson Buy


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