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Deceiver Vol. 3 & 4
Deceiver Vol. 3 & 4
Muslimgauze Archive Series
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August 2014
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There's no easy entry point into the sprawling discography of Muslimgauze, the extensive musical project of the late Bryn Jones, so it's best just to dive in wherever one can. Staalplaat, who have been steadily bringing his work to wider acclaim, present this collection, which contains the third part of the Deceiver series. It is a body that collects distorted beats and loops and funk-laden affairs alongside vocal layerings and almost ambient efforts. Part four, previously unreleased, contains 11 unused "remixes" of the Deceiver project, and offers a poignant insight as to how Jones might further have advanced his sound.

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  1. 1 100 Great Turks 4:07 Muslimgauze Buy
  2. 2 Persian Silk Damask 5:28 Muslimgauze Buy
  3. 3 Tamburiame Mezzanine 6:12 Muslimgauze Buy
  4. 4 Mamounia 4:13 Muslimgauze Buy
  5. 5 Opulent Baku Cube 4:57 Muslimgauze Buy
  6. 6 Balvinder 4:11 Muslimgauze Buy
  7. 7 Balvinder, Once More 2:08 Muslimgauze Buy
  8. 8 Punjabi Cycle 3:08 Muslimgauze Buy
  9. 9 Egypt, No Plague 4:05 Muslimgauze Buy
  10. 10 Deceiver 4:44 Muslimgauze Buy
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