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Desolate Figures
John Heckle
Desolate Figures
Tabernacle Records
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January 2014
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John Heckle follows up his first album The Second Son on Mathematics with a new full length on Tabernacle Records of raw and jagged techno jams. The sounds he makes still play out loose and with an unhinged, unpredictable quality about them, but there's colour and a swirling psychedelic edge to tracks like opener 'Blindman's Bluff' and 'Death Of A Spaceman' that give them more depth than the average heavy-punching industrial techno release. The juddering acid of 'Frankenstein's Sweet Nectar' evolves from thick, bludgeoning beats to something a lot lighter and playful, showing a deft touch and way with mood that makes this an engaging trip of an album from start to finish.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Blindman's Bluff 7:39 John Heckle
  2. 2 Inhuman Nature 5:09 John Heckle
  3. 3 Frankenstein's Sweet Nectar 6:37 John Heckle
  4. 4 Love Lies 2:41 John Heckle
  5. 5 Something For Your Distorted Mind 4:10 John Heckle
  6. 6 Death Of A Spaceman 6:01 John Heckle
  7. 7 Crazy Metal 6:53 John Heckle
  8. 8 Never With You 7:31 John Heckle
  9. 9 Power Of Two 8:00 John Heckle

John Heckle

Dancefloor and Techno

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