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Coppe' vs. Bit-Phalanx
Bit-Phalanx Music and Mango + Sweetrice Records
Cat. No.
Release Date
October 2011
14 Tracks
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A jam-packed, or should we say fruit flavoured yoghurt pack, of remixes from the eccentric songstress, Coppe', and London based collective, Bit-Phalanx. The artists in question present no less than fourteen versions of 'Yogurt', a track from Coppe's last album, 'Artificial Insemination'. We didn't expect anything less than utterly eclectic from the designated remixes but the one thing that remains constant is Coppe's unmistakeably unique breathy vocals.

  1. 1 Yogurt (Gareth Clarke Remix) 4:17 Coppe' Buy…
  2. 2 Yogurt (T-toe's Muesli and Honey Remix) 4:39 Coppe' Buy…
  3. 3 Yogurt (Kelli Ali's Black Cherry Remix) 3:17 Coppe' Buy…
  4. 4 Yogurt (Professor Ojo Remix) 2:22 Coppe' Buy…
  5. 5 Yogurt (Mrs Jynx Remix) 6:16 Coppe' Buy…
  6. 6 Yogurt (Jilk's With Bits Mix) 4:00 Coppe' Buy…
  7. 7 Yogurt (Niggle's Probiotic Suppository) 3:40 Coppe' Buy…
  8. 8 Yogurt (Terminal 11's Mango Lassi Mix) 3:53 Coppe' Buy…
  9. 9 Yogurt (Fred moTh Ball Remix) 4:34 Coppe' Buy…
  10. 10 Yogurt (Minotaur Shock Remix) 5:56 Coppe' Buy…
  11. 11 Yogurt (Mr O's Fungal Remedy Remix) 4:16 Coppe' Buy…
  12. 12 Me No Heart (Libythth's Yogurt Remix) 5:17 Coppe' Buy…
  13. 13 Yogurt (Martin Phone's Higher Culture Remix) 5:21 Coppe' Buy…
  14. 14 Yogurt (Kettel & Secede's Lo Amal Remix) 7:50 Coppe' Buy…

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