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Geidi Primes
Geidi Primes
Arbutus Records
Catalogue Number
Arbutus 007
Release Date
January 2010
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Getting a well deserved reissue, Grimes' 2010 long player, 'Geidi Primes' is a charmed journey into the heart of what Grimes - also known as American Claire Boucher - herself describes as 'post-internet' music - the heady result of what a childhood growing up with the world at your fingers can create due to the amalgamation of influences that it sees. Although Boucher is adamant in her claims of never even listening to Kate Bush, we can't help but draw comparisons, evocatively weird song structures with a melancholy edge. No bad thing, in our eyes.

  1. 1 Caladan Grimes 2:25
  2. 2 Sardaukar Levenbrech Grimes 2:05
  3. 3 Zoal, Face Dancer Grimes 2:36
  4. 4 Rosa Grimes 3:12
  5. 5 Avi Grimes 2:35
  6. 6 Feyd Rautha Dark Heart Grimes 3:41
  7. 7 Gambang Grimes 1:34
  8. 8 Venus in Fleurs Grimes 2:43
  9. 9 Grisgris Grimes 3:22
  10. 10 Shadout Mapes Grimes 4:32
  11. 11 Beast Infection Grimes 2:21


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