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Speed Dealer Moms EP
Speed Dealer Moms
Speed Dealer Moms EP
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December 2010
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Red Hot Chilli Peppers meets Venetian Snares... sort of... Speed Dealer Moms is John Frusciante (guitarist from 'Peppers) meets Aaron Funk (aka Venetian Snares) and Chris McDonald. It's pretty awesome. They describe the process of making music as:

"We each come in with many drum machines, synths, modulars, fx, mixers etc. Our process is based on listening to each other's programming as we go, and reacting to that as we each program our own parts. Playing off each other in every stage as we write. We record live to stereo and as a rule with these, there are no overdubs and no edits. We don't know who will drop which of our many parts over what other parts which makes it a really exciting way to jam out a piece of music."

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