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Takuma Watanabe
Delay x Takuma
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7 gennaio 2022


Press Release

Constructive Music is proud to present some radical reinterpretations of four tracks from Takuma Watanabe's debut album 'Last Afternoon'.

'Clouds Fall x Tactile'. Like taking a widescreen trip through Takuma's perfectly constructed digital worlds. Loops of conversations, sheared sounds and bursts of low-end frequencies fill the air. All underpinned by those unmistakable strings.

'Text x Bruges'. Hyper chemistry of rhythmic urgency and Joan La Barbara's vocals. Cut up and used as percussive ammunition.

Originals by Takuma Watanabe. Deconstructed by Delay. Artwork by Joe Gilmore. Mastered by Joe Talia.

'somewhere between electro-acoustic music, post-industrial and dark wave. Strange, darkly iridescent.' Groove Magazine

' Vladislav Delay takes a hammer and chisel to picks from Takuma Watanabe's 'Last Afternoon', sculpting the composers's gaseous widescreen drones into heavy rhythmic noise dub k-holes in his inimitable style ....theres basically nobody else doing it quite like this' Boomkat

  1. 1 Clouds Fall x Tactile 1:00
  2. 2 Text x Bruges 1:00

Takuma Watanabe

Experimental and Noise

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