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Injazero Records
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May 14, 2021

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Coming in hot on the tail of his Editions Mego debut Peel, Nairobi-based ambient creator Joseph Kamaru aka KMRU signs to Injazero to tell the story of the old days, back when he was still self-releasing his richly textural washes of sound. Giving the lie to the dominance of Westerners in the global ambient circuit — as well as the erroneous term ‘fourth world’ — Kamaru’s Logue offers a compendium of beautiful antiphony between glimmering electronics and field recordings from his native Kenya and the surrounding East African countries. Bilious drones and simmering arps add a certain poignancy — and menace — to the innocuous chatter of everyday life.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Argon KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 5:00 Buy
  2. 2 Jinja Encounters KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 3:54 Buy

    Jinja Encounters

  3. 3 OT KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 6:00 Buy
  4. 4 A Meditation of Listening KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 6:43 Buy

    A Meditation of Listening

  5. 5 Und KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 3:24 Buy
  6. 6 11 KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 4:16 Buy
  7. 7 Bai Fields KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 3:28 Buy
  8. 8 Logue KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 4:20 Buy
  9. 9 Points KMRU and Joseph Kamaru 4:25 Buy

Track List

  1. Argon
  2. Jinja Encounters
  3. OT
  4. A Meditation of Listening *
  5. Und
  6. 11
  7. Bai Fields
  8. Logue
  9. Points


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