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Bruce Brubaker / Max Cooper
Glassforms Versions
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January 29, 2021

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Glassworks Versions sees a quartet of artists - Laurel Halo, Daniele Di Gregorio, Donato Dozzy and Tegh - reworking two tracks from Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper’s Glassworks LP, a record which featured new interpretations of compositions from seminal minimalist Philip Glass.

Dozzy & Di Gregorio’s take on ‘Two Pages’ taps into Glass’ distinctive brand of modulating minimalism. The piece unspools over the course of nine minutes, an unbreaking central pulse pushing the interlocking web of piano, percussion and synthetic atmospherics. Halo, by contrast, takes things in a different direction - where Dozzy & Di Gregorio’s entry is full of forward motion, Halo’s reinterpretation of ‘Opening’ is a dense and beautiful wash of strings. Pitched somewhere between the two we have Tegh’s take on ‘Two Pages’, a dynamic sound sculpture which flits between rumbling ambience and passages of chugging, almost industrial electronics.

In the back half of Glassworks Versions we find Brubaker & Cooper taking the reins and offering up their own edits of ‘Opening’ and ‘Two Pages’, the Glassworks originals deftly augmented with buzzing, bubbling synth sounds. It’s a choice which neatly re-focusses the textural washes and piano runs which had previously characterised the tracks.

Laurel Halo, Daniele Di Gregorio, Donato Dozzy and Tegh all contribute to Glassforms Versions, an EP of remixes and reworkings which has spawned from Bruce Brubaker & Max Cooper’s collaborative full-length Glassworks.

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Digital Track List

  1. 1 Two Pages (feat. Donato Dozzy & Daniele Di Gregorio) (Donato Dozzy & Daniele Di Gregorio Variation) 8:56
  2. 2 Opening (feat. Laurel Halo) (Laurel Halo Version) 5:54
  3. 3 Two Pages (feat. Tegh) (Tegh Version) 8:32 Buy

    Two Pages (feat. Tegh) (Tegh Version)

  4. 4 Opening (Glassforms Version Edit) 4:40
  5. 5 Two Pages (Glassforms Version Edit) 6:18

Vinyl Track List

A1 Opening (Laurel Halo Version) - 05:54
A2 Two Pages (Tegh Version) - 08:32
B1 Two Pages (Donato Dozzy & Daniele Di Gregorio Variation) - 08:56
B2 Two Pages (Glassforms Version Edit) - 06:18

Bruce Brubaker / Max Cooper


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