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Makhazen Bukra - مخازن بكرة
Well Gedacht
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 20, 2020


Conversations in contemporary art attempt to dislocate our understanding of the archive, drawing attention to the inherent violence of categorisation. Ramallah Underground co-founder and Aiwa Collective member Asifeh draws focus to our archive fever with his third LP Makhazen Bukra. Translated as “storage spaces of tomorrow”, the record is a flayed beat tape of dystopian sci-fi aesthetics, created with abandoned electronics salvaged from the digital skip of history — otherwise overlooked by a society hell-bent on the new — over which Asifeh delivers fire and brimstone lyrics meditating on the future of the human race and the hyper-capitalist myth of progress.

All tracks produced by Asifeh

Abul3ees (Track A4, Track B2) L’Junior (Track A4)
Jvrm (Track B2)
Asifeh (Track B2)

Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan
Artwork by Valerija Ilcuka

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Klab Boston - كلاب بوسطن 2:15 Buy

    Klab Boston - كلاب بوسطن

  2. 2 Mazbalet Arqaam - مزبلة أرقام 3:34 Buy

    Mazbalet Arqaam - مزبلة أرقام

  3. 3 Zahla'na - زحلانة 2:03 Buy

    Zahla'na - زحلانة

  4. 4 Masrah Jurum - مسرح جرم 2:02 Buy

    Masrah Jurum - مسرح جرم

  5. 5 Matar Plasma - مطر بلازما 1:49 Buy

    Matar Plasma - مطر بلازما

  6. 6 Miqyas Kardashev - مقیاس كارداشیف 2:20 Buy

    Miqyas Kardashev - مقیاس كارداشیف

  7. 7 Sarkhet Bacteria - صرخة بكتیریا 2:22 Buy

    Sarkhet Bacteria - صرخة بكتیریا

  8. 8 Khat Tamas - خط تماس . 2:49 Buy

    Khat Tamas - خط تماس .

  9. 9 Nisyan - نسيان 3:51 Buy

    Nisyan - نسيان

  10. 10 Gatalu Siri - قتلوا سیري 2:50 Buy

    Gatalu Siri - قتلوا سیري

  11. 11 Oxygen Deluxe - أكسیجین دیلوكس 1:34 Buy

    Oxygen Deluxe - أكسیجین دیلوكس

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