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An Imaginary Country
Tim Hecker
An Imaginary Country
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March 2009
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The incomparable Tim Hecker returns with yet another spellbinding long-player. Deep in a sea of green does this record swim, aeons away from pale, beatless ambient music. In previous years, Hecker's work has straddled the full dynamic range- from delicate pin-drop atmospheres to scorching, overdriven drone noise. In an Imaginary Country is no different. Undulating through the thick layers of distortion are the most sumptuous melodies, drawn out through sustained chords and a bubbling undercurrent of strangled feedback. Astounding.

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  1. 1 100 Years Ago 3:29 Tim Hecker Buy
  2. 2 Sea of Pulses 4:42 Tim Hecker Buy
  3. 3 The Inner Shore 4:18 Tim Hecker Buy
  4. 4 Pond Life 1:25 Tim Hecker Buy
  5. 5 Borderlands 4:47 Tim Hecker Buy
  6. 6 A Stop at the Chord Cascades 4:44 Tim Hecker Buy
  7. 7 Utropics 1:06 Tim Hecker Buy
  8. 8 Paragon Point 5:04 Tim Hecker Buy
  9. 9 Her Black Horizon 1:28 Tim Hecker Buy
  10. 10 Currents of Electrostasy 3:43 Tim Hecker Buy
  11. 11 Where Shadows Make Shadows 8:38 Tim Hecker Buy
  12. 12 200 Years Ago 4:46 Tim Hecker Buy

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