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Vatican Shadow
Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea (2019 Remaster)
Hospital Productions
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Release Date
September 27, 2019


Here’s another heavily sought-after, former cassette exclusive from noise mastermind Dominick Fernow, courtesy of his own Hospital Productions imprint. Alongside Byzantine Private CIA and Pakistan Military Academy, Washington Buries Al Qaeda Leader At Sea was conceived and recorded at the height of US president George W. Bush’s ‘war on terror’ in 2011, a time of US foreign policy and global geopolitics run amok. Carried with the irreverent instinct of anti-establishment industrial artists before him, Fernow scatters a trail of dissonance leading from the collapse of the twin towers, inspired by media misrepresentation and jingoistic ‘crusades’.

Digital Track List

  1. 1 People In The Compound Kept To Themselves (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 9:48 Buy
  2. 2 Security Cameras And Perimeter Walls As High As 18 Feet Topped With Barbed Wire (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 9:30 Buy
  3. 3 Bin Ladens Corpse (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 11:26 Buy
  4. 4 See You Again Always (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 5:27 Buy
  5. 5 Uss Carl Vinson Night Tide Funeral (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 10:29 Buy
  6. 6 Supplying The Compound With Food And Medicine (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 4:07 Buy
  7. 7 He Ambled Down The Dirt Road For Visits To A Market (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 5:03 Buy
  8. 8 Peace Be Unto You (2019 Remaster) Vatican Shadow 8:49 Buy

Vatican Shadow

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